1501 Series M4 x 0.7mm Standoff (6mm OD, 27mm Length) - 4 Pack

$3.59 / 4 Pack

The 27mm length standoffs can be used conventionally to space parallel plates, run bearings on or use as a shaft but they shine when used with 1121 Series Low-Side U-Channel.  Low-Side U-Channel can be ‘boxed’ by turning the open sides toward one-another and installing these spacers in-between.  This creates a very solid structure that can house your drive components in a chassis.  The 2.5mm wall of each channel, combined with the 27mm length standoffs yields a collective width of 32mm in order to keep your build lined up with the 8mm grid pattern.



Weight 1.5g Each
Material Aluminum
Finish Clear Anodized

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