1608 Series Dual Pattern Pillow Block (1-1)


The Dual Pattern Pillow Block is a rotating assembly with parallel mounting surfaces.  The threaded holes allow you to mount this pillow block to thru-hole components using M4 screws, or, you can fasten one of the two sides to threaded holes given the clearance in-between the two sides of the pillow block is greater than the 4mm height of an M4 socket head screw.  The thrust bearing ensures smooth action in a situation that applies an axial load while the pair of flanged bearings serve the duty of handling a radial load.  The Dual Pattern Pillow Block comes unassembled with an easy to follow exploded view picture.

Bundle Contents:

1502-0006-0165 1 1502 Series 4mm ID Spacer (6mm OD, 16.5mm Length)
1504-0032-0060 2 1504 Series 32mm OD Pattern Spacer (6mm Length)
1512-0008-0060 1 1512 Series 6mm ID Spacer (8mm OD, 6mm Length)
1611-0514-0006 2 1611 Series Flanged Ball Bearing (6mm ID x 14mm OD, 5mm Thickness) 
1613-0516-0008 1 1613 Series Thrust Ball Bearing (8mm ID x 16mm OD, 5mm Thickness)
2800-0004-0022 1 2800 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Socket Head Screw (M4 x 0.7mm, 22mm Length)
2812-0004-0007 1 2812 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Nylon-Insert Locknut (M4 x 0.7mm, 7mm Hex)


Weight 34g