1802 Series Servo Frame (43mm Width, for Standard Size Servos)


This servo frame works with standard size servos. The threaded holes on the sides allow the mount to be fastened inside 1120 Series Channel or can be used to tie two 1121 Series Low-Side Channels together.

The plethora of holes on each side allows you to align with the standard 32mm pattern, or the 24mm pattern between the 14mm holes of channel, both leaving the servo perfectly concentric with the 14mm hole above.

The threaded holes on the end of the channel can be used as an alternate method of fastening to the inside of channel, or, the thru-holes on the face can be utilized in combo with standoffs or spacers to create the exact-right height for your project!


Weight 24g with included hardware
Material Aluminum
Finish Clear Anodized
Servo Compatibility Standard Size
Included Hardware - Screws 10mm Length M4 Screws (4 screws)
Included Hardware - Washers 4mm ID x 8mm OD Washers (4 washers)

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