2308 Series Stainless Steel, MOD 1.5, D-Bore Set Screw Worm (6mm Bore, 39mm Length)


DISCONTINUED This product has been discontinued.

Consider This Alternative:

Achieve the same function—and greater gear reduction–with the MOD 1.25 pitch of this worm gear set for 8mm REX shafts. Please note that neither 2308-0006-0039, 2309-0014-0024, nor 3204-0001-0001 is compatible with this set.

Worm Gear Set (28:1 Ratio, 8mm REX Bore Worm)
8mm REX Bore Worm Gear Set

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This stainless worm is the mating gear to the 24 Tooth Brass Worm Gear. The two gears work together to create a 24:1 ratio gear reduction for low speed, high torque applications.



Weight 30g
Material Stainless Steel
Gear Pitch MOD 1.5

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