2mm Pitch GT2 Hub-Mount Timing Belt Pulley (14mm Bore, 60 Tooth)


This two-piece, 60 tooth pulley is designed for precise operations with 2mm pitch belts of up to 6mm width. All eight of its thru-holes are on the versatile goBILDA® 16mm square pattern, and four on each side are counterbored to allow screw heads or locknuts to rest below the build surface.

This pulley can also hold two bearings to function as a large idler for a 2mm pitch belt. Just fit a pair of 14mm OD flanged bearings flush into its outer counterbores. Alternatively, you can install two such bearings into the pulley when it's disassembled. Reassemble it to capture them completely!


# of teeth 60
Material Plastic
Weight 6.0g
Bore 14mm
Pitch 2mm (GT2)

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