3415 Series 5mm HTD Pitch Hub Mount Timing Belt Pulley (14mm Bore, 48 Tooth)


This 48 Tooth Hub Mount Timing Pulley is commonly used in projects that require a reduction of the input speed, yielding an amplified torque output at the shaft or tube this pulley is mounted to.  When paired with a 16 tooth pinion pulley, you can achieve a 3:1 ratio.  Given the large diameter of the pulley, the contact between the belt and the pulley is maximized so they can handle heavy torque loads with little possibility of skipping or jumping teeth.  The pulley has been molded in separate but identical halves (which come pre-assembled with included hardware) so that each side has a flange to assist in keeping the belt running straight and true.  



Bore 14mm
Weight 42g
Material Plastic
Color Black
Tooth Count 48
Pitch 5mm (HTD)

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