3mm HTD Pitch Timing Belt Clamp (1-1) - 2 Pack

$8.99 / 2 Pack

Currently Sold Out

Timing belt clamps are great for fastening a cut length of belt to put your project in motion.  Cut belt lengths, as opposed to continuous belts, are typically used in applications that don’t require them to run over the pulley.  For example, an XY table could be driven using a pulley and a cut length of belt.  In order to create the motion, the belt will need to be properly tensioned and fastened to the chassis.  These clamps will accept a 3mm HTD timing belt, inserted in either orientation.  For added security, create a 4mm hole through the belt, insert the provided 14mm Length M4 socket head screw through the belt clamp and tighten it down with the M4 locknut for an extremely solid connection.  


Weight 8.2g Each
Material Aluminum
Finish Clear Anodized
Pitch 3mm (HTD)

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