48mm Omni Wheel (8mm REX™ Bore, 50A Durometer)


This 48mm Diameter Omni Wheel is designed for use in the goBILDA® Odometry Pod (SKU: 3110-0001-0001). The two rows of 50A durometer rollers have excellent traction on soft floor tiles, such as those used in the First Tech Challenge (FTC).

Looking to implement this wheel outside the Odometry Pod? You’ll appreciate these additional proficiencies:

  • The wheel core’s 8mm REX™ bore provides positive drive on 8mm REX™ shafting.
  • The goBILDA® 16mm-pattern holes allow for the use of a hub for using the wheel on other shaft profiles.
  • The 14mm recesses on each side are great for seating bearings in a dead-axle setup (on shafting that’s 6mm diameter or smaller).
  • The narrow wheel width allows for easy implementation, even when space is at a premium.

Building an Odometry Pod?

This wheel is perfect for an odometry setup…which is why we put it in one! Our Odometry Pod comes fully assembled, clearing time in your schedule for innovation in other areas of design.

Besides its Omni-Wheel’s proficiencies—which includes precision rotation data due to its size—the Pod offers easy integration with goBILDA® 1120 Series U-Channel, all the included hardware necessary to mount it, and internal packaging that creates smoother rotation and eliminates backlash.


Weight 32g
Material Plastic with Rubber Rollers
Durometer 50A

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