4mm Bore 2-Side, 1-Post Pillow Block (43mm Width)


This 4mm Bore 2-Side, 1-Post Pillow Block combines a radial bearing with an aluminum housing that provides for easy fastening to your project. The housing’s 43mm width is a perfect match for the internal width of 1120 Series U-Channel.

Since both sides of its post feature an attachment point in line with the bearing, you can attach this pillow block to your assembly at unorthodox angles!

Other versatile mounting options are made possible via 4mm thru-holes spaced 32mm apart. You can use them to fasten your pillow block down to a flat surface—or even to tie two pillow blocks together with standoffs or spacers!


Weight 10g
Material Aluminum Housing, High-Carbon Steel Bearing
Finish Clear Anodized

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