8 Channel Servo Power Node


The Servo Power Node can provide power distribution or isolation between your servos and other PWM controlled components, from the board or boards that generate the PWM signals.  All of the positive contacts of the Servo Power Node are tied together and all of the negative contacts are tied together making it ideal for powering logic devices and servos from the same battery. However, if electrical isolation is required, the positive wire should be removed or excluded from the connection(s) between the Servo Power Node and the logic controller(s). The end of the board without an XT30 connector has plated thru-holes so that you can solder in an XT30 (MH-FC) connector to daisy chain boards that share common power.

Signal Bridge

This feature allows one signal to control multiple servos. For example: switching the "1-2" dipswitch to the right means the signal pins on channels 1 and 2 (on both the left and right) will be connected. This saves you from having to add a y-harness to your setup.

Note: This product is not designed to work with the FIRST Tech Challenge Control system.


Weight Board = 12, Board with Case and Hardware = 21g
Max Current (Continuous) 15A
Max Current (Peak) 30A
Max Voltage 12VDC

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