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8mm Lead Screws

The pitch of a lead screw refers to the distance from one thread to the next. The 8mm lead screws have 4 threads with a 2mm pitch which yields 8mm of linear travel of a lead screw nut for each rotation of the lead screw. The 8mm diameter makes them compatible with many components such as 8mm pillow blocks and 8mm thrust bearings.

Lead Screws

SKU Length Weight Price
3501-0804-0100 100mm 30g
3501-0804-0150 150mm 46g
3501-0804-0200 200mm 61g
3501-0804-0250 250mm 76g
3501-0804-0300 300mm 91g
3501-0804-0350 350mm 106g
3501-0804-0400 400mm 121g
3501-0804-0450 450mm 137g
3501-0804-0550 550mm 167g
3501-0804-0650 650mm 197g
3501-0804-0950 950mm 288g
3501-0804-1250 1250mm 379g