8mm Pitch Steel Clamping Sprocket (12mm REX™ Bore, 14 Tooth)


Bring positive drive to your chain project with 12mm REX™! This steel 14 tooth sprocket is designed to clamp onto a 12mm REX™ shaft and drive 8mm pitch (05B) chain. Its two-piece clamping mechanism is a robust, non-marring solution for fastening to a shaft.

Beyond its clamping function’s excellent performance in high-torque applications, the sprocket is also balanced for use in high-speed situations. The steel construction provides excellent strength and wear resistance, making it suitable for heavy-duty action. And when you install this sprocket against a bearing, its built-in shim allows the sprocket to rotate without contacting the bearing’s outer race.


Weight 43g
Material Steel
Finish Black Zinc-Plated
Tooth Count 14
Pitch 8mm (05B)

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