96mm Mecanum Wheel Set (70A Durometer Bearing Supported Rollers)


Here at goBILDA, innovation never stops - The goBILDA R&D Team went back to the drawing board on mecanums! Here are some noteworthy differences:

  • The 90a durometer of the old rollers was set aside to make room for stickier 70a durometer rollers.
  • The width was reduced from 59mm to a sleek 38mm!
  • Expect greater acceleration given the new wheels weigh in at only 207g each compared to the old wheels which tipped the scales at 315g each.
  • The 100mm diameter was scrapped for a more standard and ‘goBILDA’ size of 96mm.
  • The roller count went from 9 to 10 in order to accommodate the narrower width while increasing smoothness.
  • Rollers went from being mounted with threaded axles to axles that are fixed in place with e-clips for ultimate reliability while being able to remove rollers one at a time for ease of disassembly and assembly.
  • Aluminum side plates were replaced with steel for greater strength.
  • The heads of the screws that fasten the wheels together are nested down below the outer surface of the wheel for a sleek and smooth outer surface.
  • Yellow rollers were cool but hard to keep clean. The new mecanums sport black rollers to hide grime picked up from a dirty running surface.



Weight 207g Each

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