Belt-Drive Upgrade Pack for 3210-0002-0004 Cable-Driven 4 Stage Viper-Slide Kit


This kit includes all the 2mm pitch GT2 components to convert your 4 Stage Cable-Driven Viper Slide Kit (SKU: 3210-0002-0004) to one that’s driven via a 2mm pitch GT2 timing belt (SKU: 3210-0003-0004).

A timing belt adds simplicity and reliability to the drive system. Say goodbye to controlling tension variances with a spring, and hello to quick rigging and excellent consistency from one cycle to the next! Whereas cable has the ability to move about freely when slack is introduced, a belt is limited by its width, and thus easier to tame.

For Belt-Driven Viper Slide Kit assembly info, please see the Assembly Instructions PDF located on this page.

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