DPC-11 Universal Programming Interface for Hitec's Programmable Servos


The Hitec DPC-11 Servo Programmer is an extremely capable programmer in an affordable form-factor.  With this programmer, you can tailor the many adjustable aspects of a compatible Hitec digital servo.  It's computer interface so you'll need a PC with the free downloadable software, a Mini USB to USB cable and a 4.8-6V battery to power the programmer. 


  • Customize the Parameters of Hitec’s Programmable DXXX, HSB-9XXX, HS-7XXX and HS-5XXX Series Servo
  • Test Settings Prior to Servo Installation
  • Save and Load Servo Parameter Files and Restore the Factory Default Files with the DPC-11 Software
  • Download the DPC-11 Software to your PC

Click here for DPC-11 Installation instructions and Software.

Driver Installation Tech Tip

Windows® 10/64 20H2 has been known to have issues with the DPC-11 driver installation. If your DPC-11 does not connect to your PC, perform the following instructions to correct the issue:

  1. Go to Windows Settings and select 'Update and Security'
  2. Select 'View Optional Updates' on the Windows Update page.
  3. On the Optional Updates page select the 'Drivers Update' drop down.
  4. Download and install the Silicon Labs Driver update for USBXpress.

Your DPC-11 should now connect to your PC.


Weight 0.192 oz
Servo Compatibility Hitec’s Programmable DXXX, HSB-9XXX, HS-7XXX and HS-5XXX Series Servos
Voltage Range 4.8V – 7.4V
Interface Styles PC

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