M4 Socket Head Screws

m4-socket-head-screws-new.jpgSocket head screws are our go-to fastener in the R&D department. The 3mm drive accompanied by a deep hex drive depth ensures you can torque these screws down again and again without fear of stripping the drive out.

SKU Length Weight
2800-0004-0011 11mm 1.9g Each
2800-0004-0012 12mm 2.0g Each
2800-0004-0016 16mm 2.3g Each
2800-0004-0006 6mm 1.5g Each
2800-0004-0007 7mm 1.6g Each
2800-0004-0010 10mm 1.8g Each
2800-0004-0014 14mm 2.1g Each
2800-0004-0008 8mm 1.7g Each
2800-0004-0009 9mm 1.8g Each
2800-0004-0005 5mm 1.4g Each
2800-0004-0018 18mm 2.4g Each
2800-0004-0020 20mm 2.6g Each
2800-0004-0022 22mm 2.8g Each
2800-0004-0025 25mm 3.0g Each
2800-0004-0030 30mm 3.4g Each
2800-0004-0035 35mm 3.8g Each
2800-0004-0040 40mm 4.1g Each
2800-0004-0045 45mm 4.5g Each
2800-0004-0050 50mm 4.9g Each
2800-0004-0055 55mm 5.3g Each
2800-0004-0060 60mm 5.7g Each

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