Servo Power Distribution Board (8 Channel)

This is not competition Legal in the FIRST® Tech Challenge.

Rocking a full 8 channels to deliver power to your servos, the Servo Power Distribution Board (Servo PDB) distributes power between electronics generating PWM signals and the components receiving them!

Distribution and Isolation

All positive contacts of the Servo PDB are tied together as well as its negative contacts, optimizing it to power logic devices and servos with the same battery. You can also isolate electrical connections by removing or excluding positive wires from connections between the Servo PDB and logic controllers.

XT30 input and output connectors allow you to daisy-chain boards to share power.


The Servo Power Distribution Board can handle 3.3-24V nominal voltage delivered into its XT30 or header pins by a battery or wall-mounted power source.

⚠️VOLTAGE WARNING:The voltage you power the Servo Power Distribution Board with will be passed on to the servos. DO NOT use a voltage that is higher than your servos are rated for. Sending a voltage higher than that for which your servos are rated will result in damage to the servos.


Thru-holes on the 32mm Square Pattern give the Servo PDB extensive compatibility with other components in the goBILDA® system! You can fasten it to your build with M4 screws through two open thru-holes, or through all four thru-holes when you replace its case-securing screws with longer hardware.

Signal Sharing

The Signal Sharing feature makes it possible to control multiple servos with one signal. Sliding Switch 1 to the "On" position, for example, means the signal pins on channels 1 and 2—both left and right—will be connected. Continue flipping these switches to connect as many channels as your project requires.
This saves you from needing to use obtrusive y-harnesses that can easily make a mess in your electrical setup!

Note: The Servo PDB is not designed to work with the FIRST Tech Challenge Control system.



Weight 23g
Max Current (Continuous) 15A
Max Current (Peak) 30A
Max Voltage 15VDC

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