Stainless Steel REX™ Shafting (12mm Diameter)

Do you simply need hefty shafting? This series of 12mm REX™ doesn’t feature M4 threaded holes or retaining ring grooves, but they still have the goods: a large profile (that can still pass through goBILDA® 14mm center holes) and a ferocious facility for positive drive!   


SKU Length Price
2102-0012-0080 80mm
2102-0012-0100 100mm
2102-0012-0120 120mm
2102-0012-0140 140mm
2102-0012-0160 160mm
2102-0012-0180 180mm
2102-0012-0200 200mm
2102-0012-0300 300mm
2102-0012-0600 600mm

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