2mm GT2 Timing Belts

Fine-toothed and compact, 2mm pitch GT2 belts are especially effective in back-and-forth linear motion applications as well as rotary solutions like intakes and shooters. Their precision qualities make them perfect for use in CNC machines like 3D printers.

We offer continuous loop and cut-to-length 2mm pitch GT2 belts. While both styles can perform in similar use-cases, cut-to-length belts are perfect for mechanisms that are driven back-and-forth without the belt needing to make a continuous loop around your pulleys.

Belt Calculator

Use the belt calculator below to get an idea of what size belt you need. You may need to round up to get from the ideal Belt Tooth Count to a belt that exists (you may need to use a tensioner). We do not recommend rounding down as the belt will be too tight.

For your convenience, the below image is a quick reference guide to the spacing of holes on goBILDA® channel.


GT2 Belts


Cut-to-Length Belts

GT2 cut-to-length belts

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