2mm Pitch GT2 Timing Belt (6mm Width, 232mm Pitch Length, 116 Tooth)


This 2mm pitch, 6mm width, 232mm pitch length GT2 timing belt facilitates precise, quiet motion in compact form. ("Pitch length" refers to the circumference of the belt at the pitch line. You can calculate the pitch length by multiplying the pitch by the number of teeth.)

Besides providing awesome transfer of rotary motion in intakes and shooters, belts of the 2mm pitch GT2 variety are especially effective as linear motion solutions in precision applications. That includes multi-axis setups like 3D printers, where the compact smoothness of 2mm pitch GT2 belts provides for fine-toothed machine control. By that same virtue, 2mm pitch GT2 belts are ideal for use in other computer numerical control (CNC) machines like plotters and laser cutters.


Weight 2.1g
Material Neoprene with Fiberglass Cords
Pitch 2mm (GT2)
Pitch Length 232mm

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