2mm Pitch GT2 Pinion Timing Pulley (8mm REX™ Bore, 20 Tooth)


Punch up the precision with a GT2 Pinion Timing Pulley! Fine-toothed to drive 6mm wide GT2 belt in high-precision applications like printers, sliders, and XY tables, this dual-material pulley rocks steel where you need it—in its flange, and the barrel housing the threads of its set-screw hole—while still feeling slim on the scales due to the remainder of the pulley being aluminum.

This 8mm REX™ bore pulley can attach to 8mm REX™ shafting to help you implement positive drive in your precision belt operations. 8mm REX™ is the staple shaft profile of goBILDA®; you can find it throughout the build system, including in gear motors.

This pulley rocks two build-in shims: one on each end! This means you’ll always be able to run it against a bearing without fear of contacting the bearings’ outer race.


# of teeth 20
Material Aluminum and Steel
Weight 10g
Bore 8mm REX™
Pitch 2mm (GT2)

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