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3.5mm Bullet Y-Harness (Single FH-MC to Dual MH-FC, 150mm Length)


This 150mm length Y-harness is handy to have when wiring motors in parallel.  There is a pair of red MH-FC (Male Housing - Female Contact) ends and a pair of black MH-FC ends which allow two motors to be able to be plugged in to a single harness.  The red pair is necked down into a single FH-MC (Female Housing - Male Contact) as is the black pair so that the harness can plug into a single channel in a motor controller, switch, power source or adaptor.  This will cause the motors to run in unison which is perfect for wiring up a skid-steer style chassis.


Weight 18g
Wire Gauge 16AWG
Jacket Material PVC
Wire Material Stranded Copper