4101 Series Aluminum Tube for Lead Screw Square Nut (10mm ID x 14mm OD, 300mm Length)


This aluminum tube is able to thread onto the Lead Screw Square Nut and serve as an extension rod of a linear actuator.  One of the two internal M12 x 1.25mm threaded ends can fasten to the Lead Screw Square Nut while the other is available for possible future offerings to thread into.  The tube is able to slide inside of the 14mm bore of goRAIL and goTUBE which can act as the linear actuator housing.  As the Lead Screw Square Nut that the tube is mounted to is driven by an 8mm Lead Screw, the tube can extend and retract from the housing with minimal friction. To fasten something to the end of the tube, simply choose one of our 14mm clamping components. 



Length 300mm
Weight 59g
Material Aluminum
Finish Clear Anodized

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