8mm REX™ Bore Flat Pillow Block (16mm x 32mm Mounting Pattern) - 2 Pack

$9.99 / 2 Pack

This 8mm REX™ Bore Flat Pillow Block consists of a bearing and the flat plastic casing it press-fits into. The flange of the bearing is flush with the back of the casing so that when the pillow block is bolted to a flat surface, the bearing is fully constrained.

This pillow block’s compact dimensions and goBILDA® 16mm pattern holes (with two additional 8mm pattern center holes) allow for unique use-cases. You can fit it side-by-side with other Flat Pillow Blocks so that their shafts are held 24mm apart from one another!


Weight 5.6g Each
Material Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Housing, High-Carbon Steel Bearing

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