All-Terrain Wheels & Tires

Wasteland Wheels

Wasteland Wheels are purpose-built for the most perilous badlands of innovation! Equip them to your heavy-duty chassis to give it ferocious traction over treacherous terrain.

Their integrated design features a high-grip airless rubber tire that’s bonded to the wheel in a single tire-wheel solution (also known as a "tweel"). This completely prevents your usual wheel crises—such as tires coming off the bead, flats, and catastrophic tears that might otherwise bring your buggy to a halt.

2.2" Wheels & Tires

These rims and tires all have a 56mm rim diameter in order to be consistent with the ‘2.2’ rims and tires found in the R/C car market. The tires come with a foam core insert to give them shape while allowing them to conform to the terrain for maximum traction.

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Though smooth compared to the aggressively treaded solutions on this page, Gecko® Wheels boast a compliant rubber structure that conforms to terrain to provide a high grip on a wide variety of surfaces. On the other hand, if you're looking for even more kinds of aggressive treadedness, our tracks are battle-tested and ready for the gnarliest of applications!

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