Wasteland Wheel (192mm Diameter, 72mm Width)


The toughest of projects calls for the toughest of wheels! A futuristic tire-wheel fusion with an aggressive rubber tread, this 192mm Diameter Wasteland Wheel is ready for action on and off the road—whether you’re talking a rocky trail, hard pavement, or any world in between.

Thriving in a wasteland requires adaptability as well as strength. That’s why the Wasteland Wheel’s tough plastic core is surrounded by a treaded rubber structure “filled” with airless non-pneumatic tire (NPT) cells that squish around uneven terrain without missing a beat. This “airless tire” is molded directly to the wheel—R/C folks, you can put your CA glue down!

And as if that robustness wasn’t enough, this wheel comes with an arsenal of other proficiencies:

  • High-compliance tread-blocks that boost the terrain-to-tire contact for maximum traction!
  • A non-directional tread that allows you to mount a wheel in any orientation!
  • Excellent compatibility with goBILDA® hubs and other components thanks to the 14mm center hole surrounded by thru-holes on the goBILDA® 16mm and 32mm square patterns!




Weight 788g
Material Plastic Core with Rubber Tread

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