New Products Overview - December 2019

Posted by Jason Jaeger on Jan 14th 2020

Happy New Year! 2020 is upon us and our vision for this year is clear: keep the new parts coming! But first let's look back at December's releases.

  • 8mm REX Bore Steel Pinion Gears
    These gears are made of hardened steel. The 8mm REX profile gives you a super strong positive drive, while the dual set screws provide awesome axial hold. We launched three tooth-count options last month with more to come in 2020.
  • 4mm ID, 10mm OD Non-Flanged Ball Bearing (1600-0410-0004)
    This bearing is used in our Low-Side Cascading Kits. Use it as a replacement part if you lose some from your kit or use it to create an assembly of your own design.