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New Products Overview - March 2019

Posted by Jason Jaeger on Apr 3rd 2019

Our R&D team just keeps Marching on (yeah... I just couldn't help myself). Here is the lineup of new products that stepped out last month.

We advanced into the month by launching a Pattern Mount Universal Joint (4005-0016-0001) which utilizes ball bearings. As the name implies, it is a universal joint which attaches to the 16mm Pattern making it easy to attach components such as goRAIL and goTUBE. It enables you to keep things spinning with a working angle of up to 55º.

We continued on by releasing a 6V 3000mAh battery (3100-0006-0003). The Sub-C cells are staggered so that it fits inside of 1120 Series U-Channel. It has an XT30 Connector and a replaceable 20A mini blade fuse.

A major convenience of goRAIL and goTUBE is that the holes are threaded. Of course those threads can only go so deep. If you cut one down to size, you may want to tap the holes on the freshly cut ends. So we forged ahead and began carrying a M4 Thread Starting Tap (4204-0001-0004). Just chuck it in a drill or a tap handle and you are ready to start adding threads.

Finally, we really hit our stride when we released our new  Shaft Beams! They are very similar to our Square Beams, but the edges have been clipped to fit inside of a 10mm bearing or hub. The ability to rotate a beam with holes on all sides opens up a myriad of possibilities. Use them to build a collector, crawler, stirrer or whatever your imagination devises.