Bravo RC Tank Track Chassis (Rubber Treads)

This is NOT competition legal in the FIRST® Tech Challenge.

The Bravo RC Tank Track Chassis is a heavy-duty tank-track robotics platform that’s remote-controllable and ready to run right after assembly! In other words: whether you’re a seasoned roboticist looking for a heavy-duty chassis, or you’re just starting to explore an exciting new hobby, you need look no further. This plug-and-play kit is a perfect way to begin a robotics journey with the goBILDA® build system!

This version of the Bravo RC Tank Chassis sports high-traction rubber treads. There are two other variants: one featuring grouser paddles, and another providing only the "bare-bones" chassis without electronics, motors, or tracks.

Titanic 20V Action

The Bravo RC Tank Track Chassis Kit’s heavy-duty action is made possible by a full suite of 20V electronics (the complete 20V Control Bundle), including the goBILDA® Smart Dock: a battery-protecting power solution that allows you to power your Bravo with any battery with the 20V DEWALT® form factor.

But there’s no need to plunder your power tools to complete your Bravo. This kit provides all the high-power 20V juice you need right out of the box via a 6Ah goBILDA® Li-ion battery–one that rocks an LED power level indicator so you know how much you have left before you need to recharge it on the included charger.

Your Smart-Docked battery sends power, via an XT90 extension, to the 2x40A Motor Controller which proportionally controls a pair of Saturn Planetary Gear Motors. These mighty motors are veritable powerhouses of torque that boast all-steel gears and positive-drive 8mm REX™ shafts!

Two Ratios Available

Each version of this chassis has Saturn Planetary Gear Motors of a specific ratio, each offering different payload and speed specs. The 99.5:1 ratio motors of the higher torque version (SKU: 3209-0008-0003) allow for a whopping 50lbs of maximum payload at 2mph, while the 50.9:1 ratio motors of the higher speed version (SKU: 3209-0008-0002) provide for 25lbs of maximum payload at a 4mph clip.

Pick-up-and-Play Remote Control

The tried-and-true Element-6 control system uses built-in channel mixing to allow for intuitive, on-the-fly remote control. The rightmost stick provides proportional control over the speed and direction of your chassis. Thanks to the stick’s spring-returns, all you need to do to stop the chassis is release the stick. Meanwhile, the left stick, a knob, and a switch all provide control of servos and other devices when you build on your chassis to make it perform specific tasks.

Terrain-Conquering Tracks

Rubber-treaded Badlands Tank Tracks prepare the Bravo RC Tank Chassis for whatever Wild West you need it to operate it in. And just like a resourceful cowboy, its rugged tracks are highly adaptable—you can swap out its segments with Grid-Tracks (purchased separately) to get the perfect tread. Grid-Tracks can also be equipped with terraGROUSER paddles to provide improved traction on loose terrain!

Types of Terrain

This style of the Bravo Chassis Kit sports rubber treads, while the other Bravo variant features grouser paddles. The two track types have proficiencies in different environments. Choose what kind of terrain you want to conquer, and roll out with the Bravo chassis of your preference!


Rubber Treads

Grouser Paddles




Smooth Flooring



Soil & Grass



Loose Soil & Gravel



Tall Grass






Need to Tread Lightly?

Consider using Grid-Tracks for use on carpet, manicured lawns, and other delicate terrains you don’t want to disturb. Grid-Tracks have a much less aggressive footprint, and are a great option for heavier payloads—their smooth surface allows the motors to pull less current when they initiate turns.

Want Even More Options?

You can purchase a Bravo Bare-Bones Chassis Kit along with Grid-Tracks and/or Badlands Tank Tracks, a 20V Control Bundle, and Saturn Planetary Gear Motors to get all the options you need to outfit your chassis exactly to your liking!

⚠️WARNING: Stalling the motors in this kit may cause irreparable damage!The motors included in this kit are extremely high-power. DO NOT allow the motors to stall. Stalling can occur if the motors run when the maximum payload is exceeded or the chassis is immobilized by obstacles.

⚠️Li-ion Battery Safety Notice:Lithium ion Batteries can be dangerous. Please read these safety instructions as well as our warranty and return policy for Li-ion batteries.

Kit Contents:

1 3209-0008-0001

Bravo Bare-Bones Chassis Kit (No Tread, No Motors, No Controller, No Battery)





5303 Series Saturn Planetary Gear Motor

15 2400-0112-0001

112mm Badlands Tank-Track (24mm Pitch, 112mm Width, Rubber Tread) - 6 Pack

1 3203-0020-0201 20V Radio Control Bundle


Weight (Assembled) 17.20lbs (7.80kg)
Max Payload (50.9:1 Ratio) 25lbs (11.4kg)
Max Payload (99.5:1 Ratio) 50lbs (22.8kg)
Max Speed (50.9:1 Ratio) 4mph (6.4km/h)
Max Speed (99.5:1 Ratio) 2mph (3.2km/h)

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