Clamping Steel Miter Gear (8mm REX™ Bore, 24 Tooth, MOD 1)


This 8mm REX™ bore 2320 Series Miter Gear is designed to mesh with another 2320 Series Miter Gear while achieving positive drive on 8mm REX™ shafting.

While all bevel gears transmit power at special angles, bevel gears that are designed to create a 1:1 ratio and transmit power at a 90 degree angle due to the 45 degree pitch cone angle are ordained as “miter gears.”

Designed for Heavy Duty

2320 Series Miter Gears are specially designed to maximize performance in high-torque applications. The long length of the “barrel” bore provides for maximal gear-to-shaft contact, which results in highly precise, no-slip rotation on a shaft. Most importantly, they lock to 8mm REX™ shafting with ape-like ferocity thanks to the high grip of their non-marring clamping mechanism. This spectacularly secure connection is created by tightening the two pinch bolts to clamp the two pieces of the gear around a shaft.

The underneath side of the gear boasts a built-in shim to provide for running the gear up against a bearing without contacting the bearing’s outer race. It’s also strategically designed so that when you space the gear 1.5mm from the inside wall of 1120 Series U-Channel (or any 43mm wide structure), the gears will mesh perfectly. In that vein, it’s convenient that a 1611 Series Flanged Ball Bearing protrudes 1.5mm into channel when installed on the outside. Alternatively, you can install the bearing on the inside—and still achieve the same 1.5mm distance—by installing a 0.5mm thick shim between the gear and bearing.

Titanium Nitride Finish

A titanium nitride finish provides high-grade, low-friction material performance in tandem with the gear’s already robust steel construction. Titanium nitride is the same finish commonly found on heavy-duty equipment like drill bits; as such, this gear’s resistance to wear is off-the-charts!


Weight 21g with Hardware
Material Steel
Finish Titanium Nitride

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