Encoder Breakout Cable (4-Pos JST XH [MH-FC] to 4 x 1-Pos TJC8 [MH-FC], 300mm Length)


This cable is ideal for connecting your encoder to a Roboclaw motor controller as well as male pins on Arduinos and Raspberry Pis.

It has an XH Series JST (MH-FC) connector on one end, which is compatible with the encoders on our Yellow Jacket Gear Motors. The opposing end is split out into single female jumper wires (aka TJC8 [MH-FC]) which are compatible with 2.54mm (0.100”) pitch header row pins. Having the jumper wire ends independent from one another allows you to plug each wire into the appropriate pin even when those pins aren’t adjacent to one another.


Weight 7.0g
Wire Gauge 22AWG
Jacket Material ABS Plastic
Wire Material Stranded Copper

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