Linear Actuator Kit (1120 Series, 201mm Stroke, 8mm Lead)


This kit comes with all the pieces to build a linear actuator entirely out of goBILDA® components. The 1120 Series U-Channel serves as the outside framework and the 1109 Series goRAIL as the extension tube. The goRAIL is supported by a pair of acetal plates that can be mounted anywhere along the channel, changing the overall extension length and amount of lateral support they provide. The 60 tooth gear on the motor drives the 60 tooth gear mounted to the lead screw to create a compact 1:1 ratio.

We recommend the 5.2:1 ratio goBILDA® 5203 Series Yellow Jacket Planetary Gear Motor. When paired with the 2mm pitch lead screw, it produces over 22kg (50lbs) of thrust! With this motor, the no-load speed of the actuator is an impressive 153mm/sec, and it only takes 1.31 seconds to move the full 200mm (7.9”) that can be achieved in the configuration shown.  

Tech Tip

Running any linear actuator past its endpoints will cause damage. Some actuators have built-in circuits which utilize limit switches and diodes to prevent overrun. To keep this kit FTC legal, it has no electronics. You need to utilize a motor with an encoder so that you can program endpoints for proper operation of the actuator kit.

Kit Contents

SKU Qty Name
1109-0024-0288 1 1109 Series goRAIL (288mm Length)
1120-0011-0288 1 1120 Series U-Channel (11 Hole, 288mm Length)
1201-0043-0005 1 1201 Series Quad Block Pattern Mount (43-5)
1205-0001-0005 2 1205 Series Dual Block Mount (1-1) - 2 Pack
1309-0016-4008 1 1309 Series Sonic Hub (8mm REX Bore)
1310-0016-5008 1 1310 Series Hyper Hub (4 Start, 8mm Lead Screw Bore)
1606-0043-0008 1 1606 Series 2-Side, 1-Post Pillow Block (8mm Bore)
1613-0516-0008 2 1613 Series Thrust Ball Bearing (8mm ID x 16mm OD, 5mm Thickness)
2302-0014-0060 2 2302 Series Aluminum, MOD 0.8, Hub Mount Gear (14mm Bore, 60 Tooth)
2800-0004-0009 1 2800 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Socket Head Screw (M4 x 0.7mm, 9mm Length) - 25 Pack
2800-0004-0011 1 2800 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Socket Head Screw (M4 x 0.7mm, 11mm Length) - 25 Pack
3504-0804-2109 1 3504 Series Lead Screw Clamping Collar (8mm Lead, 4 Start, 21mm OD, 9mm Length)
3501-0804-0300 1 3501 Series Lead Screw (8mm Lead, 4 Start, 300mm Length)
3505-0804-3216 1 3505 Series Lead Screw Pattern Nut (8mm Lead, 4 Start, 32mm OD, 16mm Length)
3704-0043-0001 1 3704 Series Plastic goRAIL Slide Plate (43-1) - 2 Pack
5027104001 1 Wera Tools 3mm Ball End Hex-Plus L-Key


Weight (Assembled) 619g

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