Servo Gearboxes

Crank up the torque with a Servo Gearbox! The below gearboxes give you many options in torque, speed and rotation to power your robotic arm, tunnel hull outdrive, sailboat or any other creation you’ve conjured up that would over-tax a regular hobby servo.

Stingray Class

The Stingray Class Servo Gearbox converts a goBILDA® 5-Turn Torque Servo into a monster servo capable of up to 3150 oz-in of torque! Each option below is available in feedback mode and continuous mode. In feedback mode, the Servo Gearbox will have position control so that you can send it to very specific angles, just like a regular hobby servo. In continuous mode, the Servo Gearbox will have speed and direction control with your servo controller, with no limitation to the number of rotations in either direction. Stingray Servo Gearboxes come fully assembled and ready to be put to the test!

Shark Class

The Shark Class Servo Gearbox is very similar to the Stingray Class, but driven by Hitec's flagship HSR-M9382TH brushless, titanium geared beast!  The result is 35% more torque, 21% more speed, and 40% more rotation - all while pulling less current due to the brushless motor! Much like the Stingray Class, Shark Class Servo Gearboxes are also available in feedback mode and continuous mode.


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