12V NiMH Nested Battery (3000mAh, MH-FC XT30 Connector)


The nested form-factor of this 12V battery allows it to be tucked away in an 1120 Series U-Channel to protect it  from the moving pieces of your chassis. The XT30 connector is an easy-to-use, indexed style connector that provides a reliable and dummy-proof connection to the electronics of your robot.


While useful for prototyping, this battery is not competition legal. Please check out the Matrix 12V 3000mAh NiMH Battery for a competition legal option.


Weight 597g
Wire Gauge 16AWG
Voltage 12V
Capacity 3000mAh
Connector XT30 Connector [MH-FC]
Cell Size Sub C
Chemistry NiMH
Fuse 20A mini blade

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