XT30 Connector Pack (FH-MC x 5, MH-FC x 5)


XT30 connectors are able to handle 30A continuous and 65A peak.  The connectors have solder cups to install up to 16AWG wire into.  They are polarity specific, meaning you can’t accidentally plug your battery or component in backwards.  Their small form-factor allows the connectors to easily pass through the 14mm holes in goBILDA channel and components.  You’ll find these same connectors on goBILDA batteries and chargers. 

Tech Tip

FH-MC = Female Housing, Male Contacts
MH-FC = Male Housing, Female Contacts


Max Continuous Current 30A
Max Peak Current 65A
Max Wire Gauge 16AWG
Previous SKU 3803-0102-0005

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