140mm Mecanum Wheel Set (70A Durometer Bearing Supported Rollers)


These 140mm diameter mecanum wheels enable a chassis to move in any direction at any orientation. A mecanum-equipped chassis is omnidirectional: it can move in any cardinal direction (including oblique angles), rotate around any point of the chassis, and even rotate while moving!

In addition to that capability, goBILDA® mecanums rock a suite of special qualities:

  • Grippy 70a durometer rollers
  • Sturdy steel side plates
  • Narrow 37mm width
  • goBILDA® pattern at the wheel core provides compatibility with a huge variety of shaft options, especially when you use a 1310 Series Hyper Hub
  • Screw-heads and hubs nestle inside the wheel for a sleek assembly

All those features are amplified in these 16-roller, 140mm diameter mecanums, which provide massive ground clearance to help your build avoid obstacles!

Each wheel’s core has thru-holes on the 16mm and 32mm goBILDA® patterns. This allows them to be mounted to hubs with bores of all kinds—including ones for positive-drive 8mm REX™ and 12mm REX™ shafting!

Tech Tips

Looking to upgrade a 96mm-wheeled Strafer® or custom mecanum chassis with these 140mm wheels? You’re in luck—the 140mm versions are swap-out-able with their smaller cousins! Note that the larger wheel diameter may increase the length of your chassis if the wheels extend beyond the chassis. The width, however, will be unchanged, as the 96mm and 140mm diameter mecanums share a near-identical width and offset.

FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Teams, listen up: You can place the 140mm diameter wheels up to 312mm apart to keep your overall chassis length at 454mm (17.9”), a comfortable margin under the FTC’s max length limit.


Weight 383g Each

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