2 Stage Viper-Slide Kit (Cable-Driven, 336mm Slides)


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The Belt-Driven 2-Stage Kit boasts a simple setup, along with smooth, consistent motion from one cycle to the next!

2 Stage Viper-Slide Kit (Belt-Driven, 336mm Slides)
2 Stage Viper-Slide Kit (Belt-Driven, 336mm Slides)

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This Two Stage Viper-Slide Kit utilizes Steel Viper-Slides as the backbone of this very smooth and stable slide kit. The Viper Slides are steel so that excellent strength and durability could be captured in a compact form factor.

The kit is easily fastened to your robot chassis or project given the number of holes available on the 1120 Series U-Channel at the base of the slide. At the business end, you’ll find a plate with a combination of thru-holes and threaded holes to make fastening a ServoBlock™, Channel or other components a breeze.

Use the kit in any orientation, whether you’re reaching up or out. The maximum travel (difference between retracted and extended) is 488mm (19.2”) while measuring only 384mm (15.1”) tip to toe in the retracted state.

The kit comes with all the necessary pieces, minus the motor, to get you up and going. The included 1201-0043-0002 Pattern Mount, and 8mm REX Sonic Hub are compatible with the goBILDA 5203 Series Yellow Jacket Gear Motors. Tailor your travel speed with the various ratios we offer. The included pulley has a circumference of 112mm (4.4”) which means each rotation of the pulley will cause the slide kit to move that amount. Given the max travel of 488mm, it takes approximately 4.4 rotations of the motor shaft to reach full extension. A 13.7:1 ratio (435 RPM) gear motor is the fastest that we recommend, as it’s able to fully extend the two stages in about 0.6 seconds! With such a fast potential transit speed it’s recommended to utilize the encoder on the 5203 Series motor so you can start and stop your slide kit at the limits of the travel.

Need Additional Length?

We also offer a 4 Stage Viper Slide Kit. If you have previously purchased this 2 Stage Viper Slide Kit and wish to convert it to a 4 stage kit, it can be done with the addition of these components:

Don't Forget

Be sure to purchase the 5203 Series Yellow Jacket Planetary Gear Motor of your choice to power this kit. If you’re using a REV Control Hub, or REV Expansion Hub, don't forget to pick up a motor cable adaptor! We also highly recommend using your motor’s encoder. If you do so, you’ll need an encoder cable.


Weight 870g (Motor Not Included)

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