2000 Series 5-Turn, Dual Mode Servo (25-4, Super Speed)


Meet the Dual Mode 5-Turn ‘SUPER SPEED’ Servo! Like the other 2000 Series goBILDA® servos, the 2000-0025-0504 boasts two different modes:

Default Mode

In Default Mode the servo is able to rotate while having positioning feedback. In this mode, the PWM signal will determine the position of the servo. 

Continuous Rotation Mode

Using the 3102 Series Dual Mode Servo Programmer (1-1) the servo can be toggled into continuous rotation mode.  In this mode, the servo will have proportional speed control based on the PWM signal that you send with your servo controller.

How Far Will This Servo Rotate When In Feedback Mode?

The answer to this question is partially dependent on what you are using to control the servo that drives the gearbox. As you can see below, a Servo Travel Tuner allows you to achieve maximum rotation, but it is just as useful to dial down the rotation to suit your needs.

With an Average Radio System:
2.25 Turns (810°)
Your average transmitter and receiver will output a relatively narrow PWM signal range.

Radio System + Travel Tuner:
5 Turns (1800°)
Adding a Servo Travel Tuner to your radio system setup will allow you to achieve wide PWM signal ranges.

Wide Signal Controllers:
5 Turns (1800°)
Controllers such as Arduinos, and Raspberry Pi servo hats can usually send a wide signal.



Weight 58g (2.04oz)
Gear Ratio 67:1
Output Shaft Style H25T (25 Tooth) Spline
Voltage Range 4.8V - 7.4V
No-Load Speed (4.8V) 0.055 sec/60° (180RPM)
No-Load Speed (6.0V) 0.043 sec/60° (230RPM)
No-Load Speed (7.4V) 0.035 sec/60° (290RPM)
Stall Torque (4.8V) 55 oz-in (4.0 kg.cm)
Stall Torque (6.0V) 65 oz-in (4.7 kg.cm)
Stall Torque (7.4V) 75 oz-in (5.4 kg.cm)
No-Load Current (4.8V) 190mA
No-Load Current (6.0V) 200mA
No-Load Current (7.4V) 230mA
Stall Current (4.8V) 2,000mA
Stall Current (6.0V) 2,500mA
Stall Current (7.4V) 3,000mA
Max PWM Range 500-2500μsec
Max PWM Range (Continuous) 1000-2000µsec
Travel per μsec 0.90°/μsec
Max Rotation (Default Mode) 5 Turns (1800°)
Pulse Amplitude 3-5V
Deadband Width 4μsec
Motor Type Brushed DC
Feedback Style 5KΩ Potentiometer
Output Shaft Support Dual Ball Bearing
Gear Material Steel
Wire Length 11.81" (300mm)
Wire Gauge 22AWG
Connector Type 3-Pos TJC8 Servo Connector [MH-FC]
Servo Size Standard
Direction with Increasing PWM Signal Clockwise

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