8mm REX - The Shaft You've Been Waiting For!

Posted by Jason Jaeger on Sep 10th 2019

In the world of shafting, the 6mm D profile has an established history. It has been our go-to for many a build. For larger builds (think things you ride on) we created our  12mm REX. But there are just times when you want more holding power than a D profile can provide and more strength than a 6mm OD can muster up.

That is why we are introducing our new  Stainless Steel 8mm REX Shafting. It is the shaft you've always wanted! If you know of our 12mm REX shafting then the tenants of REX will be familiar to you. It is a best-of-both-worlds between Round (fits through standard bearings) and Hex (for extremely strong positive drive).

The 8mm REX shafting is larger and stronger than 6D while still being able to utilize standard 14mm OD bearings that fit into channel!

We are launching the 8mm REX Shafting along with a matching  Sonic HubHyper Hub, and Clamping Collar. But we are not stopping there... more exciting developments are yet to come!