More Than One 1:1

Posted by Jason Jaeger on Sep 29th 2020

Sometimes you have the need... the need for speed - and a Matrix motor delivers (to the tune of 6,000RPM). But working with a bare motor is not without its challenges. Pulling a pinion gear off requires a pinion puller (it can be done without but you may end up regretting your life choices). And mounting the bare motor to goBILDA is less than optimal.

So today we are releasing two 1:1 motor options which fit natively in the goBILDA ecosystem. Both use the FTC legal Modern Robotics/MATRIX brushed DC motor (5000-0002-0001).

This guy (as shown on the left above) has a strong acetal faceplate which has the 32mm goBILDA pattern. It also sports an 8mm REX output shaft! You will notice that the 8mm REX shaft is press-fit onto the motor's shaft and is not supported by a bearing. Of course the shaft will need to be supported by a bearing (we recommend a 1611-0514-4008) but we find it can be advantageous to for this to happen as part of your assembly (as opposed to a permanent fixture on the front of the motor). This can result in a more compact and lightweight build.

If you are a fan of Yellow Jackets, this is the 1:1 option for you! It features Yellow Jacket standards like the 16mm pattern on the face, 6mm D output shaft and 32mm OD for clamping onto.

Whether you are constructing an intake, designing a shooter, or breaking the mold with some other high-speed creation, these 1:1 options will help you on your journey.