New Products Overview - April & May 2021

Posted by Jason Jaeger on Jun 11th 2021

April brain storms bring May parts... ok rarely do things move that quickly in the world of manufacturing but you get the idea. Here are the new products we released this April and May.

  1. 5204 Series Yellow Jacket Planetary Gear Motors
    Our 5203 Series Yellow Jackets brought 8mm REX to the world of planetary gear motors. The 5204 Series simply extends that... literally. The 5204s are just like the 5203s in every way except for one obvious one... the output shaft length is 80mm instead of 24mm. If you have not worked with gear motors with long output shafts like this before they can seem quite odd at first site. But those long shafts hold the key to adding simplicity and strength to a variety of builds. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, be sure to check out the Product Insights on their product pages for specific examples.
  2. 1/4" D-Bore Hyper Hub (1310-0016-1250)
    In the previous blog post I talked about our effort to make it easier for imperial part users to start using goBILDA by providing a grouping of hubs with imperial bores. This 1/4" D-Bore Hyper Hub is a part of that effort.
  3. 14mm ID Shim (2807-1416-0500)
    This shim has an interesting and useful use-case - it is designed to fit around our 14mm OD flanged ball bearings. Given bearings are longer than goBILDA channel is thick, sometimes it is useful to place a shim (or two) under the flange so they protrude less into the inside of the channel.
  4. Loctite (2922-0001-0001)
    Sometimes you just need that extra bit of holding power. This Blue 242 Loctite is removable but will prevent screws from backing out due to vibration. It is most useful in situations where you cannot use a locknut.
  5. Angle Pattern Mount 1-2 (1202-0001-0002)
    This heavy duty Angle Pattern Mount is 6mm thick with counterbored holes to conceal screw heads. It pairs great with a Servo Gearbox or use it to construct your own tilt mechanism or just as a very stout bracket in your build.
  6. Quad Block Pattern Mount 43-4 (1201-0043-0004)
    Don't let the teddy-bear-like appearance fool you! This Quad Block Pattern Mount means business and is ready to play a critical role in an number of motion-centric mechanical setups. 
  7. New Lengths of 2106 Series 8mm REX Shafting
    We love our 2106 Series 8mm REX Shafting - it has quick become our go-to here in R&D. This release introduces 5 new lengths:
    1. 24mm (2106-4008-0240)
    2. 32mm (2106-4008-0320)
    3. 40mm (2106-4008-0400)
    4. 264mm (2106-4008-2640)
    5. 312mm (2106-4008-3120)
  8. 8mm REX Set-Screw Collar (2920-0001-4008)
    This collar has a built-in shim and is designed to work with our 8mm REX shafting. The steel construction and dual set-screws will provide a solid hold onto your shaft.
  9. XT30 Y-Harnesses
    Whether you want to split from one XT30 to two (3805-0102-0150) or go from one XT60 to two XT30s (3805-1602-0150) these Y-harnesses will make the task plug-n-play.
  10. Acetal Hub-Mount Gears
    These 2312 Series Gears have great wear characteristics thanks to the material properties of acetal (aka Delrin). We launched 16 different gears almost all of which introduce new tooth count options opening up a ton of possibilities.
  11. Tetrix to goBILDA Adaptor (1206-0016-0008)
    This threaded Tetrix to thru-hole goBILDA pattern adaptor makes life easier if you are migrating from Tetrix to goBILDA. It includes hex nut capture pockets and replaces the 1206-0016-0003.

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