New Products Overview - January 2020

Posted by Jason Jaeger on Feb 13th 2020

To start the year off right we released several new products in January. Let's jump right in!

  • Element-6 Radio Control System (3113-2006-0001)
    Most transmitters out there cater solely to the RC hobby market. We wanted to bring you a receiver with labels and a user manual which are not specific to just radio control vehicles. So whether you want to fly an RC plane, drive a robot chassis, or make a window display move, this affordable 6 channel transmitter will be easy to understand and use. Additional receivers can be purchased individually as SKU  3112-0006-0001.
  • 2000 Series Dual Mode Servo (25-3, Speed) (2000-0025-0003)
    This new servo in the 2000 Series is just like the popular "25-2" ( 2000-0025-0002) with the exception of a different gear ratio. This servo is geared for speed and is a good choice for intakes, small chassis drives and other applications where speed is a priority. Like the other servos in the 2000 series, it has two modes: continuous and standard (closed loop).
  • Ball Bearing Carriage (3210-0001-0005)
    Use this simple carriage to create smooth linear motion along  Low-Side U-Channel. The base of this carriage itself is a piece of Low-Side U-Channel, making it easy to build off of.
  • 8mm REX Bore to 8mm REX Bore Hyper Coupler (4007-4008-4008)
    If you have two  8mm REX shafts to join, this is the coupler you've been waiting for. It is compact, and inherits the strength and balance of the Hyper style of clamping.
  • 8mm ID Aluminum Spacers
    Having the right spacer on your shaft often makes the difference between smooth motion and binding. Use these new 8mm ID spacers with our 8mm REX shafting or any 8mm OD shafting.
  • Acetal Timing Belt Idler (3413-0001-0002)
    This was designed with 3mm HTD timing belt in mind. Use it to get your belt to the desired tension. And while we are talking about 3mm HTD timing belts, don't forget to check out our new  3mm HTD Timing Belt Calculator!
  • XT30 to TJC8-Power Adaptor (3801-0121-0060)
    This wiring adaptor lets you connect a battery which has an XT30 connector to places designed for TJC8-Power connectors, such an RC receiver, or the  3102-0001-0001 servo programmer
  • JST PH to JST XH Encoder Cables
    We've changed it up from offering one length (500mm), to three lengths (150mm300mm600mm) of this style of encoder cable. The wires on this batch are now to be bonded to give you a cleaner-looking setup.