Mecanum Mixer


The Mecanum Mixer is a crazy-simple, no-coding solution for the control of a mecanum chassis (like the Strafer®!). Just plug it into your receiver and motor controllers, then let its signal mixing handle the rest. Your chassis will be skid-steering and strafing—both horizontally and diagonally—in no time at all!

Thru-holes on the goBILDA® 32mm square pattern make the Mecanum Mixer compact and mountable alongside other goBILDA® electronics.

Three TJC8 Servo Male-to-Male Servo Extensions are included to help you mate your mixer to your receiver. Refer to Product Insight #2 in the image gallery above for a full wiring diagram.

starting fresh?

You don't need a garage of parts or any prior experience to build a fully operational mecanum-wheeled chassis! Just get your hands on these products: 

Product Insight #2 in the image gallery above shows you how to wire them together for remote-controlled strafing action!


Weight 20g
Input Voltage 5-15V
Current Draw 20mA
Output Current 5A / Channel

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