Sonic Hubs

Sonic Hubs are more balanced than set screw hubs while retaining just as much clearance. Make them your go-to hub for high speed applications, and you can leave your concerns about marred shafts or lost set-screws behind! The pattern holes for fastening components, as well as the clamping mechanism to hold the hub onto a shaft, are completely isolated from one another. This means you can tighten the dual pinch bolts to clamp down on a shaft without distorting the holes you use to mount components to the hub. You can likewise fasten the hub to a gear, sprocketpulley or wheel prior to tightening onto a shaft, since the clamping mechanism is able to function regardless of what the hub is connected to. Since the Sonic Hub clamping mechanism pulls in toward the center, the hub can fit in recesses and clear where a 1301 Series Clamping Hub cannot.  



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