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3606 Series Mecanum Wheel Set (Bearing Supported Rollers, 100mm Diameter)


The goBILDA mecanum wheels are packed full of conveniences you won’t find in other brands.  Each wheel has rollers which are supported by ball-bearings so that they rotate with ease.  The black anodized aluminum side plates sandwich a beefy plastic wheel-center. The wheel-center possesses the goBILDA 16mm bolt pattern and 14mm center hole. This makes it easy to mount to a hub, goTUBE or component of your choice.  To provide mounting options, the wheel-centers are offset so you can flip the wheel to change your robot’s track-width.  The aluminum plates have a center bore of 32mm so that when the wheels are mounted on a 32mm component, such as goTUBE, the aluminum provides additional lateral support.  Each wheel is assembled with M4 hardware on the goBILDA 32mm pattern, leaving 4 holes unused on the 32mm pattern.  This set contains two Left Slant Mecanum Wheels and two Right Slant Mecanum Wheels.  



Weight 315g Each

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