New Products Overview - April & May 2020

Posted by Jason Jaeger on Jun 8th 2020

This post's theme seems to be steel power transmission (did you just get goose bumps too?). Let's just dive in shall we?

  1. Steel Miter Gears
    We are super excited about our new miter gears! Use these 1:1 ratio beauties to transfer rotational power at a 90° angle without altering your speed or torque.
  2. Steel Pinion Gears
    Being steel, these pinion gears provide greater overall strength (as compared to brass or aluminum) as well as offer a more firm foundation for set-screws.
  3. Steel Set-Screw Sprockets
    Pair your steel chain with steel sprockets! You can have confidence when tightening down your set-screws, knowing you have steel threads holding them in place.
    • 10 Tooth, 6mm D-Bore (3307-1006-0010) [this replaces the 3306-1006-0008 aluminum set-screw sprocket]
    • 10 Tooth, 8mm REX Bore (3307-4008-0010)
  4. goBILDA Servo Replacement Parts
    It can be cost effective and even fun to refresh an aged or abused servo with new parts.
  5. 94 Tooth 5mm HTD Timing Belt (3412-0009-0470)
    We introduced 5mm HTD timing belts to the goBILDA ecosystem near the end of last year but that does not prevent us from sprikling in new lengths as we see fit :)