New Products Overview - January & February 2021

Posted by Jason Jaeger on Mar 17th 2021

We started 2021 off with some pretty exciting new products. Let's take a look.

  1. 5203 Series Yellow Jacket Planetary Gear Motors
    Our Yellow Jackets are a customer favorite and we took them to the next level with the 5203 series. The 8mm REX output shaft was the driving force to create this new series, but we did not stop there. They have a larger diameter gearbox which allows room for larger gears inside. The face has been lovingly designed with forethought about common and even edge use-cases (check out their Product Insights for specific examples).
  2. Strafer Chassis V4 (3209-0001-0004)
    In this release of the ever-popular Strafer Chassis, we have updated the kit to use 5203 Series Yellow Jackets! It has all the awesomeness of the previous version but with the additional robustness of the new 8mm REX gear motors.
  3. Servo Travel Tuner (3109-0002-0001)
    Sometimes you have a servo-based assembly in which you need the servo to travel farther or less far. This drop-in device makes it stupid easy to dial in how far your servo will rotate. This is most useful if you are using an RC transmitter/receiver given you have little to no control of the output PWM signal range. But even if you are rocking an Arduino or Raspberry Pi you might not have the necessary specs for the servo you are using to calculate the proper PWM range (or you might just want a simpler solution). Just plug your servo into one end of this device, then plug the other end of this device where your servo would have plugged in, then adjust some trim pots to taste and you are done.
  4. Premium Silicone-Jacket Wire
    When wiring up a project this high-quality stuff is my personal favorite and go-to solution. You will appreciate the silicone jacket as it resists chafing and will not melt when touched by a soldering iron. The high strand-count makes it very flexible while being highly conductive. It is available in both 12 AWG and 16AWG.
  5. Limit Switch Trigger (1207-0001-0001)
    This simple-but-useful part fastens to the end of a leadscrew nut enabling it to activate a limit switch as it passes by.


Here are some of the updates and running changes that we deployed during Jan and Feb:

  • 3503-0804-0038 received an additional threaded hole designed to work with the new Limit Switch Trigger.
  • 1308-0016-0006 now has a slightly smaller barrel diameter (13.5mm). This allows for the use-case where you want as thin a profile for your assembly as possible. Just fasten the hub to the shaft, and then bolt on a wheel (or gear etc.) to the side with the barrel. The smaller diameter allows it to easily nestle into the 14mm bore of the mating component.

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