New Products Overview - October & November 2019

Posted by Jason Jaeger on Dec 5th 2019

More Sonic Hubs, a whole new beefy timing belt lineup, and cascading kits! It is like Christmas came early kids! Here is what launched over the last two action-packed months.

  • 6mm Round Bore Sonic Hub (1309-0016-0006)
    If you need to fasten to a 6mm OD standoff, spacer, tube, or shaft, this hub has you covered. Like all Sonic Hubs, it is perfectly balanced, compact, and will not mar your shaft
  • 8mm REX Bore Thru-Hole Sonic Hub (1311-0016-4008)
    Thru-hole hubs are useful when combined with threaded parts like goRAILPattern Spacers, and threaded hubs.
  • 7mm Combination Nut Driver (4206-0070-0001)
    Who doesn't like a good tool? This nut driver will come in handy while building your bot.
  • 3 x 17 Hole Pattern Plate (1123-0096-0432)
    Use this pattern plate as the side panel of your next chassis or DIY project.
  • 3.3mm & 4mm Drill Bits (4207-0001-00334207-0001-0040 respectively)
    A 3.3mm is just the right size to tap to a M4 thread, while a 4mm hole, of course, is just right for an M4 screw to pass through. These drill bits come in handy for those of you who love to roll up your sleeves and modify parts.
  • 5mm HTD Timing Belts
    Made from neoprene and reinforced with fiberglass cords, these large tooth (5mm HTD pitch) timing belts resist stretching and skipping to keep your high torque project running smoothly and reliably. We've started with 14 belt length options, with a forecast to increase that offering.
  • 5mm HTD Timing Pulleys
    Of course pulleys are a must-have to go with the 5mm HTD Timing Belts.
  • Idler for 5mm HTD Timing Belt (3413-0001-0001)
    It is often necessary to add a tensioner to your belt-drive assembly. This idler provides an easy way to do that.
  • New Cascading Kits!
    Our mantra of continual improvement combined with feedback from customers has lead to new cascading kits being engineered. As compared to the original 3-stage cascading kit, these two new offerings are lighter weight, smoother, and include everything but the motor (so you can pick your speed or utilize motors you already have).