Strafer® Chassis Kit V2


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This Strafer® Kit has been discontinued. It has been replaced by the 3209-0001-0003.

The Strafer® Chassis Kit is a rigid, low-profile chassis that includes high-torque 312RPM planetary motors, ball-bearing mecanum wheels and a configurable chassis you can tailor to your liking.

At a glance, you might wonder, where are the motors? Flip it over and you’ll notice the nested 312RPM 5202 Series Planetary Gear Motors. Combined with the 100mm wheels, they give the chassis a theoretical speed of about 5.4 feet per second. These motors drive all steel miter gears, heavy duty hubs, and ball-bearings ready for some low-friction strafing action!

Miter Gears
The miter gears, located near each of the four corners of the chassis, create a 90° drive so that the motors can nest inside the 1120 Series U-Channel.  The miters have been battle-tested, even with brushless motors, and are extremely stout.  Don’t worry about slipping as the bores are matched to the profile of the shafts they are mount to.  

Each 8mm REX shaft is supported in a pair of 8mm REX flanged bearings in order to maximize the torque transferred from the motors to the shafts.

The goBILDA Mecanum Wheels are 100mm in diameter, have ball-bearing supported rollers and allow the mounting hub to nest inside the center of the wheel for a clean and solid attachment to the shaft. These wheels are 315g each, far less than the competitors. The reduced rotating mass yields quicker acceleration with less strain on the motors.

The channel framework allows you to pack all these premium parts in without having to clad on to the outside like some frames require. And oh-so configurable - move the center channels, adjust your track-width and more all with the same parts we provide.

Version 2 Changes
This is Version 2 of the Strafer Chassis Kit. Here are the changes in this version:

  • We went from 2:1 bevel gears to 1:1 miter gears.
  • Given the bevel gear ratio changed, so did the gear motor selection. The kit now includes the 19.2:1 ratio (312 RPM) Yellow Jackets.
  • The wheel shafts are now 8mm REX - this also means the bearings, collars, and hubs for the wheel shafts have changed to match.
  • We reduced the overall width by using 8-hole channel as the cross-members of the frame. This takes fitting within 18" from fits-but-close to no-question.
  • There is now a Pattern Spacer on the face of each motor to add clearance near the end of the motor shaft to accommodate the miter gear setup.
  • There is a thrust bearing for each driving miter gear and a hole reducer to act as a hard stop for the thrust bearing.
  • We switched from Dual Block Mounts to Quad Block Mounts to attach the channel together. If you are upgrading from V1 this change is not necessary, does however make assembly more convenient.
  • Plastic spacers, and some steel shims have been added to the kit as well to make setting the proper position of the gears and wheels easy.

Bill of Materials:

Below is a list of all the parts included in this kit. The column labeled V2 indicates what parts would be necessary to update the original Strafer Kit (which used 2:1 bevel gears) to match the V2 kit.

2 1120-0008-0216 x 2 1120 Series U-Channel (8 Hole, 216mm Length)
2 1120-0017-0432 x 2 1120 Series U-Channel (17 Hole, 432mm Length)  
8 1201-0043-0002 x 8 1201 Series Quad Block Pattern Mount (43-2)  
4 1310-0016-4008 x 4 1310 Series Hyper Hub (8mm REX Bore)
4 1519-0006-0236 x 1 Acetal Plastic Spacer (6mm Bore, 2.36mm Thick) - 4 Pack
4 1519-4008-0318 x 1 Acetal Plastic Spacer (8mm REX Bore, 3.18mm Thick) - 4 Pack
4 1504-0032-0020 x 4 1504 Series 32mm OD Pattern Spacer (2mm Length)
8 1611-0514-4008 x 4 1611 Series Flanged Ball Bearing (8mm REX ID x 14mm OD, 5mm Thickness) - 2 Pack
4 1613-0514-0006 x 4 1613 Series Thrust Ball Bearing (6mm ID x 14mm OD, 5mm Thickness)
4 2102-0008-0080 x 4 2102 Series Stainless Steel REX Shaft (8mm Diameter, 80mm Length)
4 2315-4008-0030 x 4 2315 Series Steel, MOD 1.25 Miter Gear (8mm REX Bore, 30 Tooth)
4 2315-1006-0030 x 4 2315 Series Steel, MOD 1.25 Miter Gear (6mm D-Bore, 30 Tooth)
25 2800-0004-0008 x 1 2800 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Socket Head Screw (M4 x 0.7mm, 8mm Length) - 25 Pack  
50 2800-0004-0011 x 2 2800 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Socket Head Screw (M4 x 0.7mm, 11mm Length) - 25 Pack  
25 2800-0004-0022 x 1 2800 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Socket Head Screw (M4 x 0.7mm, 22mm Length) - 25 Pack  
25 2801-0004-0008 x 1 2801 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Washer (4mm ID x 8mm OD) - 25 Pack  
12 2807-0609-0250 x 1 2807 Series Stainless Steel Shim (6mm ID x 9mm OD, 0.25mm Thickness) - 12 Pack  
12 2807-0609-1000 x 1 2807 Series Stainless Steel Shim (6mm ID x 9mm OD, 1mm Thickness) - 12 Pack  
12 2807-0811-0250 x 1 2807 Series Stainless Steel Shim (8mm ID x 11mm OD, 0.25mm Thickness) - 12 Pack  
4 2904-1025-0014 x 2 2904 Series Hole Reducer (1/4" ID x 14mm OD) - 2 Pack
4 2910-0920-4008 x 4 2910 Series Aluminum Clamping Collar (8mm REX ID x 20mm OD, 9mm Length)
12 2911-0014-0001 x 1 Plastic Grommet (14-1) - 12 Pack  
4 3213-3606-0001 x 1 3606 Series Mecanum Wheel Set (High Durability, Bearing Supported Rollers - 100mm Diameter)  
4 3801-0613-0100 x 4 2-Pos JST VH [MH-FC] to 3.5mm Bullet [MH-FC] Adaptor (100mm Length)  
1 4201-0090-0025 x 1 2.5mm Ball-End Hex L-Key  
1 4201-0090-0030 x 1 3mm Ball-End Hex L-Key  
4 5202-0002-0019 x 4 5202 Series Yellow Jacket Planetary Gear Motor (19.2:1 Ratio, 24mm Length 6mm D-Shaft, 312 RPM, 3.3 - 5V Encoder)


Weight 4536g (10.0lbs)

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