Yellow Jacket Planetary Gear Motors


8mm REX, 24mm Length Shaft (5203 Series)

Like our 5202 Series Yellow Jackets (which have a 6mm D-Shaft), these 5203 Series Yellow Jackets feature an FTC legal motor with the goBILDA Pattern on the face, a high-quality encoder, and convenient bullet connectors. 

This series of Yellow Jackets features the primary shaft profile of the goBILDA® build system - 8mm REX™. This already strong shaft goes up to a 9mm diameter inside the head with dual ball-bearing support, and the 36mm diameter gearbox contains all steel gears. The screws mounting the gearbox come in from the sides, which gives them even more resistance to loosening over time. Additionally, the head's shape provides space for nearby components.


8mm REX, 80mm Length Shaft (5204 Series)

The 5204 Series Yellow Jackets have all the benefits of the 5203s with one obvious difference: an 80mm long output shaft. The longer shaft is able to reach through the channel and enough past the far side to fasten a hub and a wheel to, negating the need for a coupler and an additional shaft.


6mm D, 24mm Length Shaft (5202 Series)

The 5202 Series Yellow Jacket Planetary Gear Motors are the solution for smooth, efficient and robust power for your project. M4 mounting holes on the goBILDA pattern offer a quick and convenient way to integrate with other goBILDA components. The 6mm D-shaft is supported by dual ball bearings to handle immense torque loads and increase efficiency. The relative quadrature encoder is able to run on both 3.3V and 5V. 470mm long power wires combined with the 3.5mm bullet connectors offer a high quality, high current connection in a compact, reversible form factor. Competing in FTC? These planetary gear motors utilize the FTC legal Modern Robotics/MATRIX 12VDC Motors.


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